A Little of Brothers and Sisters

This is a look at the Eleven

~ Michael is the Leader

~ Patrick is the Hero

~ Randall is the Poet Incognito

~ Gregory is never wet behind the ears

~ Bradley is tough as nails

~ Madonna is the Giver

~ Therese is out there somewhere

~ Jeffery is on keyboards

~ Nanette is the Angel checking hallpasses

~ Francene is the Communicator

~ Anthony is...oh ok, found You!

"If you can't stand your own company,
there's a good chance no one else will be
able to stand your company either

(Thanks Mike)

My 'Hi Mom, Hi Dad' Pic

Pic shot courtesy of bro Randy

Rolling hills and moonlit night
Sounds of joy everywhere
Water splashes with bodies swinging off the rope
Swinging off that rope I was they
Though up on the hill I was

The grey green of moon on nighttime grass
Ripples of audio from people one does not know
A easy glimpse of heaven

Sliver of an idea, the flash of a slight light
A noticeable sound of nothing
Packed suitcase and going nowhere

The Wailing Tool

The Land That Time Forgets

"Then the love of the times will take care of you and communication shall flow where it did not flow before.You will learn to trust your feelings more than seemingly previous times. Home base has been established and it is time to gather around the campfires and celebrate the All that has been laid before you here. This is how the wind moves you with no controls. The coming and goings of silent quests."

Life is like a fine pearl necklace, each bead is unique. Sameness and differences are wedded when individuals are born into this world. Some see that most of us are different and some see us as the same. As we travel along the beaded necklace, those of us who see difference start to notice a unique 'sameness' and those who see sameness start to notice a unique 'difference' and both start to experience a unique version of perfection.

Long Play Albums

I remember times that I couldn't get rid of LP's without just giving them away. Last year a collector came by to give me 50 cents more per album and that raised his total cost per album to a whopping $1.50 per album. Of course he knew he was getting a deal!

He looked old enough to not only have bought these albums in the late 60's and early 70's but he acknowledge their value. In a way we were on opposite sides of the fence. Maybe he had some sealed cellophane albums in mint condition. My point was that a sealed album seemed worthless to some degree.

So for those of you who collect albums (LP's) that has a seal that has never been broken; if you do decide to open them up, I will assure you that no white vapors will pour out and consume you. Nor will your turntable get fried by lightning (if you have one).

So, I do believe that Long Play meant play. Keep em clean-don't play one on top of the other. Keep em away fom high humidity. Blow that dustball off your stylus once in a while. Dust covers do have a purpose. And if for some wierd reason your turntable has a belt(hehe), at least replace it every 10 years or so. Last but not least, return your LP to its proper jacket and cover.

Yeah Rega