Baby Bell Mergers

Bell Atlantic/NYNEX -- $25 billion (1997).

SBC/Pacific Telesis -- $16.5 billion (1997). SBC's first purchase of a fellow Baby Bell, expanding its territory into California and Nevada. Originally Southwestern Bell Corp., the name was changed to SBC in 1995

Worldcom/MCI -- $30 billion (1998). Worldcom outbid BT for this prized long-distance competitor of AT&T.

SBC/Ameritech -- $56 billion (1999). The second fellow Baby Bell acquired by SBC, giving it the Midwest territory it now owns.

Bell Atlantic/GTE -- $53 billion (2000). The megadeal that formed Verizon.

Qwest/US West -- $35 billion (2000). Here was a rare case in which an IXC acquired an RBOC. The roles would reverse within 10 years.

Cingular/AT&T Wireless -- $41 billion (2004). This deal made Cingular the largest wireless operator in terms of subscribers. Both SBC (60%) and Bell South (40%) owned Cingular.

Sprint/Nextel -- $35 billion (2005). Sprint's response to the AT&T Wireless/Cingular deal.

SBC/AT&T -- $16 billion (2005). Baby Bell swallows Ma Bell. It was supposed to be like this but it resurrected and reinvigorated the beleaguered AT&T -- and kicked off the current megamerger wave.

AT&T/BellSouth -- $86 billion (2007). Ed Whitacre's last official acquisition act before retiring. It closely followed SBC's purchase of AT&T but dwarfed that deal.

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