Yes I have... I have handed money to many people in the street who others might call beggars, lazy bums, or rif-raf. What they are is not my call. At the risk of being named an enabler myself, I make the choice that what is in my heart is the right call and move on from there. If that means pulling out some money at that time, then so be it. I have less than what a lot of folks have, yet, I also have more than what a lot of folks have. From time to time, whether I am out in public or surfin the net, I am reminded of how delicate life can be.

Below is a list of homeless links that may help someone. If you have a homeless link you would like to see here, please email it to me. Thank you!

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Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

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Violent Crimes Against the Homeless

National Health Care for the Homeless

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